How to Correctly Use Dipping Powder on Your Nails?

Dipping powder is the best thing that has happened to the cosmetic industry. In the past, people used acrylic paint on their nails. Some still do, but acrylic nails have their problems. Similarly, gel manicure is a fantastic technique because it gives your nails the sheen and gloss they require. Gel polish is available in an astonishing range of colors. But, the fundamental problem with gel manicures is the use of UV rays to cure the polish. Constant exposure to UV rays is harmful to health. So, the search was always on for the best manicure that does not require curing under the UV lamp. Here come dipping powder nails to your rescue.

Dipping powder has its advantages. It is one of the easiest manicures to learn and master. It looks excellent on your hands, and you also have an extensive range of color dip powder to suit every occasion. But, many people do not know how to apply dip powder properly. You have the nail salon technicians doing a good job. But, one should know the best way to apply dip powder to the nails. The process should be easy and hygienic at the same time.

So, let us discuss where people go wrong and how you can improvise to get the best and most hygienic dip powder manicure.

How to Correctly Use Dipping Powder

The prepping part

The prepping part is the same for all manicures. People seldom make any mistakes here because the errors can always be corrected during the manicure. So, nothing will happen if you are careful with the prepping tools. You can complete the prepping within 20 to 25 minutes.

The basecoat application part

People make mistakes here. In a gel manicure, you apply gel polish coats over the basecoat. The gel coats are thin. So, it does not matter if you have two or three basecoat layers. As a result, the nail polish does not look thick. However, it is not so in dipping powder nails. Here, you pour the powder over the basecoat and level it. So, your manicure becomes thicker. If you have multiple basecoat applications, it can look ugly. Therefore, please restrict the basecoat layers to one.

The dipping powder part

People make the maximum mistakes in the dipping powder part. Generally, people dip their nails into the dipping powder bottle. That is why the manicure got its name. But is it hygienic if every woman starts dipping her nails into the bottle? It is not at all hygienic.

Even today, you have nail salons where the technicians dip your fingers into the bottle. If you see them doing that, you should stop going to that salon because dipping your nails into the same bottle multiple women have done is the unhealthiest thing.

You might ask. What is unhygienic about it when people follow this procedure everywhere?

You might not have any nail infections. But how do you know the women dipping their nails into the bottle do not have any? So, even if one woman had a nail infection, the bacteria can easily be transmitted to every subsequent user. In addition, nail infections can be painful and irritating. So, what is the solution?

Some say you should insist on the nail salon technician using a spoon to pour dipping powder from the bottle on your nails. This process ensures that you do not dip your nails into the powder. But, still, the problem remains. If women before you have dipped their nails into the powder, they could still transmit the germs to cause the infection.

So, the ideal solution is that no woman should dip her nails into the bottle. Besides, the nail salon technician should not collect the powder that falls on the table and add it to the dip powder bottle. You can remain infection-free if you follow this method. But, is there a better solution? Yes, there is one.

The best solution is to carry your dip powder bottle to the nail salon and ask the salon technician to use it on your hands alone. This trick ensures that no one else uses the dip nail powder and, therefore, there are no chances of any infections. The most exciting part of this process is that you can dip your nails into the bottle or ask the technician to pour dip powder using a spoon. It does not make any difference because you know that your dip powder is free from contamination.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed how to prevent contracting nail infections during a dip powder manicure. We suggest that every woman follow this trick and get the best manicure in town. Now, you can proudly show your dip powder nails on Instagram and proudly claim they are beautiful and hygienic at the same time.