Natural Face Lift Treatment

“Everyone is beautiful. I only make it obvious.”

Anti-Aging Natural Face Lifting

Results are noticeable after just one treatment, lasting for up to three months. Exceptional results can be obtained after six to nine treatments, lasting up to one year. As seen on Oprah and Entertainment Tonight.

Led Photo-Rejuvenation $125

Photorejuvenation uses a unique advanced light energy that provides immediate visible results and turns back the clock on:

  • aging
  • sun damage
  • minor acne
  • redness
  • uneven pigmentation

LumiLift $125/1 treatment  $615/series of 6  $845/series of 9

An alternate to plastic surgery, LumiLift reaches down into three levels of skin in which aging occurs- epidermis, dermis and the muscle tissue, erasing years. An advanced application of micronized current and light energy are used to:

  • Lift muscles
  • reduce pore-size
  • improve skin texture
  • rejuvenate skin tissue
  • firm and tone atrophying muscles