Exciting Gel Colors to Try Out in the Summer of 2022

By the time this article gets published, spring would have settled down in full swing. So, you must have stashed away the darker hues into the closet and removed the brighter ones to wear and gel with Mother Nature. Yes, the time is right for you to wear the shiny greens and light blues to match what Mother Nature offers during the spring. But, summer is knocking at the doorstep. Hence, it would help if you prepared to welcome the summer with unique new OPI gel colors and have a great time flashing your beautiful nails all over social media.

Some Exciting Color Shades You Would Love to Have This Summer

Continue with the greens

With the spring season in full flow, you must have the light green adorning your fingernails to match the greenery outside. You can continue with these lighter hues in summer. The sun beats down hard in summer and having dark-colored nails can be discomforting. The lighter colors reflect sunlight and are thus, ideal to have now. You can refer to the OPI gel OPI color chart to know which greens to choose from because OPI offers an extensive range of options.

Take out your solar shades from the closet

The winter months are perfect to wear dark colors like navy blue, deep maroons, blacks, etc. Of course, the colder it gets, the darker your hues are. But when the sun comes out in full glory in the summer, you can bring out the brighter colors, such as the metallic solar shades, and have fun. These golden and bronze hues present the perfect opportunities to have exquisite nail art designs and enjoy basking in the sun.

The neutral shades are the best for summer

You would be tired of wearing the darker colors in the winter months. While the onset of spring, the lighter colors would have made their way out. With summer approaching fast, the neutral shades will start emerging from your cosmetic wardrobe. The neutral colors form the perfect base for your French manicures. While choosing your favorite neutral colors from the wide range of new OPI gel colors, it would be excellent to go for glossy manicures. You can achieve the glossiest looks by having more topcoat application layers on your regular gel manicures.

The sparkling reds have their place under the sun

Many women feel that reds are not the perfect colors on their nails in the summer months. However, the sparkling reds have their unique charm and look incredible whenever you wear them, regardless of the season. Besides, the brightest red shades suit almost every dress, from your formal attire to your casual weal. So, wearing red nail polish to the office meeting is as common as painting your nails red for the evening dance parties you attend. Fortunately, OPI offers an exquisite range of reds in its OPI gel OPI color chart. So, go through it carefully to select the perfect option to suit your skin tone and the occasion.

The right time to have glitter on your nails

The onset of summer entails that you get the opportunity to attend late-night parties and dance balls more frequently. So, you can show off your beautiful manicures and be the center of attraction. These months present the perfect opportunity to have glitter on top of your bright and shiny color gel manicures. Besides making a forceful fashion statement, having glitter on your nails enhances your beauty quotient to the highest degree. You can also try out the gel extensions and have a liberal dose of glitter to make you look more enchanting.

The whites should look pristine and heavenly

The younger generation is not averse to trying out the plain whites on their nails, irrespective of their skin tone. It proves that this pure color is fast gaining a reputation of becoming the best versatile choice of nail polish throughout the year. While the brightest whites provide the ideal contrast for people with dark skin, women with fair complexion also love whites more than anything else. It provides them with excellent opportunities to try defining designs like polka dots and other nail art.

Final Thoughts

Every season has its specialty. While the winters see people wearing dark nail polish, the spring and summer see the same people opening their choices and experimenting with lighter hies more frequently. Besides, lighter shades suit the hot summer months because they reflect light and heat. So, if you plan to have a great time exhibiting your fashionable nails in summer, it is better to check out the OPI color chart for the lighter shades. This chart provides you with excellent opportunities to try out new OPI gel colors and showcase them on social media.