What Is SNS Dipping Powder & How Does It Works?

Most people’s nail goal is to have healthy, fancy looking nails without the application of nail extensions. If you aren’t familiar with SNS dipping powders, necessarily they are easy to apply at home; however, the application can get a little tricky. But its worth the price and effort as the manicure can last for weeks until you are ready to remove them. Also, dip powders are super durable, so you can even add fake tips to your nails, and the dip powder will keep them on.

SNS Dipping Powder

Key Features

Unlike gel polishes, SNS dipping powders are odorless, non-toxic and do not require any UV lighting to cure or dry the manicure. The finished look can last up to two to four weeks without chipping or cracking. Dip powders are like the best of both worlds- It gives a gel polish type look while making the removal process ten times easier.

The SNS dipping powder is a combination of liquid and powder, which hardens when exposed to air, leaving a long-lasting color on the nail. The liquid contains a unique adhesive known as a cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive, also found in body and eyelash glue.

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How to Get Rid of Blackheads ASAP

Are you curious if you can get rid of blackheads overnight?

One quick way is to squeeze out your pores. Unfortunately, that’s a bad idea.

We’ve all tried it, and it seems to work, sort of.

But it leaves the skin irritated and damages it on a microscopic level.

It could even lead to more blemishes.

A safer method is to use pore strips.

But even that might be too aggressive for sensitive skin.

So, what can you do to get rid of blackheads as quickly as possible?

Short of visiting a dermatologist, there are a few things you can do at home.

Let’s start with how you wash your face.

Eliminate blackheads gradually with the right face wash

Blackheads are open pores stuffed with oil, dead skin, and bacteria (1).

It’s oxidized pigment that makes them look dark. They aren’t necessarily dirty.

All you need are the right ingredients to unclog the openings.

Many of the best face washes for blackheads contain salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid exfoliates the dead skin and dissolves the oil.

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Wholesale Nail Supplies

Whether you would just like to get nail products for personal use or for a salon that you are managing, getting your nail supplies at a discounted or bulk price is always a great deal. Fortunately, there are several suppliers that offer wholesale nail supplies.

When buying wholesale nail polish, for instance, you get a pack of the best shades that you pay for a better price than buying the colors individually. It may be difficult to convince someone who might have a set of color preference. However, whenever you would find varieties of supplies that come in a package that is offered for wholesale, there is still a great chance that anyone may be convinced to change her mind.

There are many wholesale markets that offer a variety of options, including holiday deals, gifts, new arrivals, Sunday Special, free with purchase, special item deal and so much more. Distributors of these nail supplies make sure that their inventory is well-maintained and those products, whether for a discount or sold at regular prices, all provide the same benefits. So make sure to keep the quality the same for these products. And that is one of the reasons why many customers go crazy over those collections that these wholesalers offer. Who wouldn’t want beauty and glamour on a budget? It will be quite difficult to say no to that, especially if you are a budget conscious customer.

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Anti-aging Combination Treatments

Simultaneous application of treatments enhances their individual effectiveness, promoting exceptional cellular rejuvenation from within. The combination treatments will provide you with substantial savings.

  • LED Photo Rejuvenation & Ultrasonic Exfoliation: $150
  • LumiLift & Ultrasonic Exfoliation: $150
  • LED & Microdermabrasion: $165
  • LumiLift & Microdermabrasion: $195
  • LED & LumiLift & Microdermabrasion: $285
  • LumiLift & LED Photo Rejuvenation – One Treatment: $225
  • LumiLift & LED Photo Rejuvenation – Series of 6: $1,185
  • LumiLift & LED Photo Rejuvenation – Series of 9: $1,565
  • Classic Facial: $75
    A treatment to revive and renew all skin types. Includes:
    • – Cleansing
    • – Exfoliation
    • – Steam
    • – Extraction
    • – Treatment Masque
    • – Massage
    • – Hydration
    • – Sun Protection
  • Therapeutic Facial: $85
    Specifically designed to purify and detoxify acne and blemished skin. Excellent for both teen and adult acne. Includes:
    • – Cleansing
    • – Exfoliation
    • – Steam
    • – Extraction
    • – Customized Masque
    • – Ultrasonic Exfoliation
    • – High Frequency
    • – Rehydration
    • – Sun Protection
  • Signature Facial: $95
    The facial to rebalance and supercharge your skin. Includes:
    • – Cleansing
    • – Exfoliation
    • – Steam
    • – Extraction
    • – Treatment Masque
    • – Customized Masque*
    • – Massage
    • – Sun Protection
    • – Rehydration
    • – Ultrasonic Vitamin C Treatment

“Everyone is beautiful. I only make it obvious.”

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Clinical Correct Peels

“Everyone is beautiful. I only make it obvious.”

These peels have reduced irritation and deliver spectacular results. They are best scheduled in an initial series.

Anti Aging Clinical Peel $195/ 1 treatment, $365/2, $525/3 $660/4

The signature peel.*

  • Reduces visible signs of aging
  • Increases cell turnover
  • Removes layers of dead skin
  • Improves circulation, fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and large pores.
  • Infuses the skin with nourishment increasing moisture content.

*You may experience mild to medium sloughing for 5-10 days.

Herbal-Marine Peel $145/1 treatment, $270/2, $395/3

An intense peel that delivers results. For those with non-sensitive skin, this chemical-free treatment is derived from marine-based ingredients

  • Purifies
  • Exfoliates
  • Increases call turnover
  • Acne scarring and brown spots diminished
  • Firms and softens skin

* You may experience mild to medium sloughing for 5-10 days.

Beneficial Vitamin Peel $125/1 treatment, $215/2

A powerful antioxidant peel for everyone regardless of skin type or skin condition. Simply the best all-around peel.*

  • Increases cell turnover
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Repairs
  • Nourishes
  • Protects

* You may experience mild to medium sloughing for 5-10 days.

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Microdermabrasion and Exfoliation Treatments

“Everyone is beautiful. I only make it obvious.”

Ultrasonic Exfoliation $135

Beyond microdermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling provides a gentler and less aggressive alternative to traditional microdermabrasion skin exfoliation.

  • Rapid ultrasonic vibrations destroy skin bacteria by causing the wall of the bacteria cells to explode.
  • Skin impurities are pushed to the surface causing dead skin cells to become dislodged.
  • Deep cleanses.
  • Gently exfoliates the epidermis.

Microdermabrasion $125

An advanced non-invasive treatment.

  • Smooths skin texture
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, scars and brown spots.
  • Stimulates collagen and cell production.

Blueberry Exfoliation $85

Uses active blueberry extract.

  • Exfoliates the skin gently
  • Restores radiance to skin
  • No visible irritation
  • Exceptional acne treatment
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Natural Face Lift Treatment

“Everyone is beautiful. I only make it obvious.”

Anti-Aging Natural Face Lifting

Results are noticeable after just one treatment, lasting for up to three months. Exceptional results can be obtained after six to nine treatments, lasting up to one year. As seen on Oprah and Entertainment Tonight.

Led Photo-Rejuvenation $125

Photorejuvenation uses a unique advanced light energy that provides immediate visible results and turns back the clock on:

  • aging
  • sun damage
  • minor acne
  • redness
  • uneven pigmentation

LumiLift $125/1 treatment  $615/series of 6  $845/series of 9

An alternate to plastic surgery, LumiLift reaches down into three levels of skin in which aging occurs- epidermis, dermis and the muscle tissue, erasing years. An advanced application of micronized current and light energy are used to:

  • Lift muscles
  • reduce pore-size
  • improve skin texture
  • rejuvenate skin tissue
  • firm and tone atrophying muscles
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Auburn Weddings

Gorgeous Onsite Wedding Hair and Makeup in Auburn

Nestled in the picturesque Sierra Foothills, Auburn is a popular and romantic travel destination. The weather of the Greater Sacramento area is accommodating throughout the year, and the many available outdoor venues are perfect for spring, summer, and autumn ceremonies and receptions. DanaeMarie’s Salon & Boutique offers a full range of wedding salon services for our clients in Auburn, to take the worry and hassle out of this important day.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Weddings require a lot of planning. Instead of trying to schedule an appointment with a salon, why not have the salon come to you? Our skilled stylists come prepared with everything required for your special day. Our services include:

• Onsite hair and makeup
• Bridal airbrush makeup and styling (includes a trial run)
• Bride and bridesmaid eyelash application
• Bridal hair styling (includes a wedding hair consultation trial run)
• Attendant, flower girl, and bride’s maid hair
• Attendant airbrush makeup

DanaeMarie’s Salon serves Lake Tahoe, too!

DanaeMarie’s will have you (and your bridal party as well) looking stunning for your big day. We can come to you whether you are in Dutch Flat, Colfax, Foresthill, or another location. We can also accommodate the needs of a large party. If you would like an artist on hand to provide touchups throughout the day, just let us know when booking your sessions. To discuss the details of your trial or bridal session, just call us at 530-272-3626. Get inspired by checking out examples of our work.

For a full list of our prices, see our Wedding Page.

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Tahoe Weddings

Talented Hair Stylist for Lake Tahoe Weddings

DanaeMarie’s Salon & Boutique are bridal hair stylists serving the entire Lake Tahoe area. We travel to you on your special day and offer a wide range of beauty services at your wedding location. You’ll appreciate our attention to every detail and personalized care with your specific needs always in mind.

If you’ve considered a Tahoe travel wedding, DanaeMarie’s is here to help every step of the way. Destination weddings are hugely popular here and we’re eager to make yours special. You’ll be impressed with the gorgeous scenery, beaches, mountains and resorts offered in and around the Lake Tahoe area. The past several years have seen a marked increase in weddings here.

Be Gorgeous With Our Onsite Bridal and Airbrush Makeup Service

DanaeMarie’s Salon is standing by to book your party for an array of bridal services catered to your schedule. We offer a range of exciting packages that can be fully customized. From airbrush makeup to hair, we provide:

  • Pre-wedding consultation and trial
  • Bridal airbrush makeup
  • Onsite wedding hair and makeup
  • Bridesmaid and Flower girl hair
  • Eyelash application

For a full list of our prices, see our Wedding Page.

We’re proud to offer services that include having a stylist arrive at your location early to help you look flawless for your big day. And for larger gatherings, we can supply more personnel to meet your wishes. All of this will be discussed at your pre-wedding trial as a convenience.

For the best in wedding hair and salon care, we at DanaeMarie’s Boutique are ready to help. We proudly serve weddings in Incline Village, Kings Beach, South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City or Truckee. Call us at 530-272-3626 to discuss your wedding day needs.

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  • Eyebrow Wax/Shaping: $15
  • Upper Lip: $7
  • Chin: $10
  • Full Face: $35
  • Under Arm: $20
  • Arm: $35
  • Half Leg: $35
  • Full Leg: $55
  • Chest & Shoulders: $65+
  • Back: $65+
  • Bikini: $35+


  • Waxing

Prices may vary slightly depending on esthetician.
Whether it’s our classic formulas or our sophisticated new additions, Cirepil once experienced, never forgotten.- cirepil.com

Comfortable Waxing Salon in Grass Valley

DanaeMarie’s Salon & Boutique offers waxing solutions for the removal of unwanted body and facial hair. We offer a full menu of services for both women and men. From elegant eyebrow shaping to smooth, sexy legs, you’ll leave our salon feeling beautiful and confident. Our popular services include eyebrow waxing, bikini line, arms and much more. Men can receive many of the above services, as well as chest and back waxing.

Body waxing has proven to be an excellent technique for temporary hair removal. With regular sessions, problem hair growth is significantly reduced or completely eliminated by killing the root.

From Eyebrows to Bikini Lines

At DanaeMarie’s Salon, we prefer Cirepil wax due to its reputation as one of the finest depilatory products available. Whether having leg waxing or face waxing performed, it offers exceptional results. Our trained technicians take the time to understand the needs of each client, and our focus is always on providing results you’ll be thrilled with. You can expect friendly service in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Waxing offers a safe way to remove unwanted hair. Some clients prefer strip waxing, which is the application of a sticky substance covered with a paper strip or cloth. Undesired hair is then quickly pulled off, making this a fast, effective process. With hard waxing, melted wax is applied, cooled and then gently removed, taking the undesired hair with it.

DanaeMarie’s proudly serves Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley and Western Nevada County with bikini wax, under arm, upper lip and chin hair removal. For more details or to schedule an appointment, please call us today at 530-272-3626.

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