Questions That Women Can Have on Gel Polish Manicures

Women and beauty are two sides of the same coin. When we discuss beauty, it includes her nails. Hence, it becomes essential for a woman to use high-quality gel polish and other manicures to maintain her nail’s beauty to look gorgeous overall. Today, it can be challenging for women to go to nail salons and get their perfect manicures during the pandemic. Hence, women globally have switched over to DIY nail manicures at home. Therefore, investing in a high-quality nail polish kit, buy OPI gel polish becomes essential. Besides, there are hundreds of questions on gel polish that women seek answers for. So, let us make it easy for them and answer some frequently asked questions on nail polish manicures.

Questions & Answer About on Gel Polish Manicures

Why Does the Nail Polish Layer Lift or Peel Away from Its Free Edges?

One can attribute the peeling away of nail polish layers to many causes. Improper prepping of your nails is the primary reason. Besides, washing your nails frequently in water tends to soften them up, resulting in peeling off at the edges. Women with soft, long, and thin nails experience these problems more than others.

Can You Cure Gel Polish with Light Sources Other than UV or LED?

Theoretically, you can cure gel polish using any light source, but it can take more time. However, experts always recommend using UV or LED lights for curing OPI gel nail polish. It is the best way to cure gel polish.

How Long Does It Take to Cure Gel Polish Layers?

It depends on the quality of gel polish you use. Generally, the curing times are 30 seconds for a basecoat layer, 30 seconds for each gel color layer you apply, and 30 seconds for your topcoat application. If you use a no-cleanse topcoat, the curing time is 60 seconds.

Is It Safe to Cure Using LED Lights?

The standard UV curing times are more than LED curing times because LED has a higher UV concentration. Therefore, people have doubts whether it is safer to cure gel nails using LED lights. Tests have proved that LED lights are safe to cure your nail polish, but you should avoid overexposure.

Can I Use OPI Gel Nail Polish During Pregnancy?

It depends on which state of the pregnancy cycle you are in. There should not be any problems with using gel nail polish in the initial trimesters. However, consult your doctor before using gel polish during pregnancy, especially in your final trimester. Exposure to gel color fumes can be harmful to you and your unborn child.

How Long Does a Gel Color Manicure Last?

We suggest that you follow the ideal procedures for applying gel polish. If you do so, a gel manicure can comfortably last for two to three weeks. First, however, you should invest in quality products like OPI gel kit. These products are safe and long-lasting.

Is Gel Polish Harmful to My Nails?

Many people have the wrong notion that gel polish is harmful to nails. Much depends on the ingredients the manufacturers use when producing gel polish. The high-quality purchase OPI gel nail polish you get today is free from all harmful chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde, and other ingredients. You should check the specifications label to confirm that the gel polish you purchase is free from harmful ingredients.

How Do I Remove Gel Polish Safely?

The ideal way to remove gel polish is to approach a nail salon professional. They have the expertise to remove nail polish. However, you can remove gel polish at home in the following manner:

File your nails carefully to remove the polish layers at the top. It is because you can reduce acetone exposure accordingly.

Take a cotton ball soaked in acetone and place it gently over the nail. Tie an aluminum wrap over it to secure its position. Leave it on for around 25 minutes.

Remove the wrap after 25 to 30 minutes and see your gel polish dissolve in acetone. Then, you can gently wipe out the nail polish layer using the cotton ball.

Wash your nails with water and apply cuticle oil over the nail surface to let the nails rehydrate.

Do not rush towards a new gel manicure immediately. Acetone can dehydrate your nails and remove all moisture from them. In addition, your nails need time to regain their strength.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed various questions that women could have regarding gel nail polish. There might be many more doubts. However, we can state that using quality gel polish products does not harm your nails. At the same time, you end up looking more glamorous with your perfect nail manicures. You can contact us for your supply of gel polish products and other materials. We arrange to deliver them to you at affordable rates.