Here Are a Few Reasons Why a Nail Gel Polish Base Coat Feels Sticky and Ways to Rectify the Issue

Gel manicures have their pros and cons. One of the prime advantages of using nail gel polish is its longevity. These manicures comfortably last for two to three weeks. They are available in a range of exciting colors. However, there are a couple of drawbacks. One such disadvantage is the use of the UV/LED lamp for curing/drying the polish layer. Some people are allergic to UV radiation. Besides, prolonged exposure to radiation can cause health issues. The other drawback with modern-day gel manicures is the gel polish base feels sticky, at times. Let us learn how to overcome this problem.

It can be frustrating to do all the hard work and end up with a less-than-satisfying finish to your nail manicure. Before we discuss the issue in detail, here is a short-cut solution to the problem.

It is not a new feeling to find your nails feeling tacky after curing them under the UV lamp. This tackiness is what allows subsequent layers to stick to the nail. On completing the manicure and curing process, you use a non-wipe topcoat or an alcohol wipe to give your nails a smooth and glossy gel finish.

With the short answer out of the way, let us understand the difference between a traditional basecoat and the gel basecoat. It explains why your nail feels sticky until the end of the manicure.

Normal Basecoat Vs. Gel Basecoat

You had simple traditional nail polishes in the olden days without the super-adhering and beautiful glossy modern gel finishes. Thus, basecoats had a different purpose altogether compared to their utility today in the modern age. Here is why the traditional basecoat did not have a tacky feel to it.

Traditional Basecoat

You had fast vegetable colors in the olden days that used to stain the nails. The deep reds and violets could stain your nails permanently. Hence, people used the basecoat to prevent these colors from staining their nails. However, it was essential to let the basecoat dry before applying the colors. In those days, you did not require the UV/LED lamp to cure the polish layers. The traditional basecoats can dry when exposed to air.

Therefore, the only reason why such nails felt tacky was that you did not allow the basecoat to dry sufficiently. The point to remember here is that the traditional basecoat applications required proper drying by exposure to air.

Gel Basecoat

The gel basecoat performs a different duty altogether. People new to gel manicures might not understand the difference between traditional and gel basecoats. The function of the gel basecoat is to allow the polish nails to adhere to the nail. There is no question of the modern-day gel polish staining your nails like the traditional varnish paints.

One should know that the gel basecoat is not an additional coating but an essential one. It ensures that the gel polish sticks to the nail. As you need to apply additional layers to it, the basecoat has to be sticky. Finally, you have to apply topcoat layers. The stickiness helps the topcoat provide the ideal radiance to your gel nail manicure.

How do you get rid of the stickiness?

Now, you know that the modern-day gel polish layers will remain sticky even after curing under the UV/LED lamp. Curing the polish coatings helps reduce the tackiness but does not eliminate it.

Today, you get no-wipe topcoat applications as part of your gel polish sets. This no-wipe topcoat does not need wiping with a gel cleanser. While it sticks to the nail polish, it does not display any tackiness. Hence, you have a non-stick topcoat to make your nails glow.

Alternatively, you can utilize an alcohol wipe to wipe off the tacky layer without disturbing the shine gently.

We have seen that the no-wipe topcoat is an essential aspect of your gel polish set. Here are the other critical ingredients you need to get smooth and luscious nails.

Essential ingredients present in a nail polish set

Cotton pads and acetone solution are necessary to remove the traces of polish sticking to your nails.

Nail gel polish soak-off clips are small gadgets that make it convenient to remove gel polish from your nails.

The nail file is essential to scrape off the top layer of gel polish and ensure minimum exposure to acetone.

Cuticle pushes, and nail buffer blocks are necessary to impart a professional finish to your nails.

Besides these ingredients, your nail polish kit should contain your favorite shades of gel polish. It is advisable to have a couple of bottles of the same color as a reserve. You never know when your nails need a top-up job.

Final Words

Modern-day nail polish techniques require multiple polish applications on the nails. Hence, you need your nail polish to stick to the previous layers comfortably. As a result, you experience a sticky feel on the gel polish layer. We have seen how to get rid of this stickiness/tackiness.