Dressing Tips on How to Wear Men’s Oversized T-shirt

It’s been a while since popular streetwear has been on-trend in the fashion industry. Interestingly, there’s been an improvement over the years in how this dress is worn. In the past, when streetwear began to trend for the very first time, men wore mens oversized t shirt with baggy jeans to match. The t-shirt is free-flowing due to its oversized nature. However, it gives its wearer a fascinating fashion feeling. Oversized t-shirts nowadays have now transformed the fashion industry with the various kinds of styles you can wear.

If you’re looking for various styles you can wear oversized t-shirts men seem to consider for their wardrobes, then we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be looking at the various dressing tips on wearing men’s oversized t-shirts.

Tips Wear Men’s Oversized T-Shirt

Wear It over Another T-shirt

One of the keys to this type of fashion is keeping a simple look. You can wear your oversized t-shirt over another t-shirt. It brings about a good dressing sense that is also easy and comfortable. You can pair this style with jeans to match, preferably light-colored jeans if you’re putting on plain t-shirts. In addition, a cap and sneakers would also create a more stunning look.

Wear a Checkered Shirt over Your Oversized T-shirt

In cases where the weather might be a bit cold, you can try a different fashion sense by wearing a checkered shirt, preferably long sleeves over your oversized t-shirt. It will create a more advanced version of a casual dress. You can try this on when you’re going to parties or reading classes with friends. Body-fitted jeans are the best pair for this style. If you’re aiming for a more sophisticated look, then you should add sunglass and quality sneaker pairs to the mix.

Wear Together with a Denim Jacket

Another great way to wear oversized t-shirts is by wearing a Denim jacket over one of them. The jack will help give the t-shirt a better look. You can choose to tuck in the shirt or fly it out, depending on your preference. In the case of this dressing style, oversized white t-shirts are often the best match for denim jackets.

Wear It Plain

It is the standard dressing which involves just wearing the oversized t-shirt on a jean or sweatpants depending on your choice. You can wear a beanie to match.

Wear with Striped Trousers

It’s okay to get creative with your fashion sense, and that’s by trying out stuff that most people wouldn’t consider at first thought. A good style you can try out is wearing your oversized t-shirt on striped trousers. There are various kinds of striped trouser options you can try out for this; for instance, you can try out a blue and white striped trouser on an oversized white t-shirt which is nicely designed. Some people might even consider multi-color striped trousers to match their preferred t-shirt. Ensure that the trouser fitting is free to produce a nice look. Any good white shoes will be most suitable to match this dressing pattern.

Wear to Match on Top Sleeves

There’s no limit to how much your oversized t-shirts can be styled, and another great way is by wearing your oversized t-shirt over a long sleeve shirt, preferably a striped one. A good example is wearing a colorful oversized t-shirt over a striped long sleeve t-shirt to match. Slim-fitted jeans and sweatpants can be worn together with this combination to match.

Wear a Sweater Vest over Your T-shirt

Back in the 90s, sweater vests became a top trend. You might be quite surprised that they are still trending to this very moment. You can wear it over your oversized t-shirt and preferably wear baggy jeans to match. In most cases, you might also try long-sleeved oversized t-shirts; those match better than the regular short sleeve oversized t-shirts. However, you shouldn’t go for V-necked t-shirts when you want to try out this type of dressing. The Sweater vests are already V-necked, so that they won’t match. Any shoe type will blend well with this style.

Pair with a Winter Coat

There are numerous types of layers you can use on your oversized t-shirt. For instance, during the winter, you can wear a Winter coat over your oversized t shirt  mens. It can seem quite fashionable, especially if you wear a hoodie over the oversized t-shirt before wearing the winter coat. Slim-fitted jeans are an excellent match for this style of dressing.

Final Thoughts

You can now see so many ways to wear your oversized t-shirts and create various fashion ideas for you. Go ahead and try out the listed dressing styles in this article to give yourself a trendier look with men’s oversized t-shirts, or you can also try out your style learning from these examples. Since there are no particular rules in styling these kinds of clothes, you can wear any style that suits your personality confidently.