Top 6 Best Types of Tattoo Machines for 2021

Best Types of Tattoo Machines

machines as these devices decide the output of the tattoo. The best tattoo machine brands offer smooth performance, and the rotary machines have a frequency control option giving it more stability resulting in fewer skin lesions.

When you find the right tattoo machine, you can keep your clients happy and safe. Hence check out the machines below for the excellently performing equipment.

Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine

The ultra-lightweight rotary machine’s ergonomic design is comfortable on your hands even if you work for a long time with it. It comes with a clip cord connection. It is one of the best tattoo machine brand offering extremely versatile functionality of the tattoo rotary machine.

This machine can color packing, heavy black filling, light black shading, grey shading, and lining.

ATOMUS Coil Tattoo Machine

The Atomus coil machine works with a speed of 23000 rotations per minute to shade and line the tattoos. Its needle length is 3.5 mm and functions between 6V to 9V. As it is made of zinc alloy, it is durable and lightweight. You can use various types of needles with this machine.

Mast Tour Rotary Pen Machine With Wireless Battery

The small machine with a pen-like grip is travel friendly. It works with a Japanese coreless motor and has a lifetime of 3000 hours. Though it looks compact it can perform several useful operations such as precise line work, dark and light shading, and solid color packing. This pen machine has a grip of 25 mm, which helps the users to hold it firmly.

It hits the skin directly with enough softness that induces less trauma to the skin and packs the design faster with more quality. The stitch frequency is 25 – 160 HZ.

The tattoo machine’s performance depends on the power supply as its functions of shading or lining depending on the voltage supplied. The cable must be capable of providing apt power as desired for precise output. Hence a quality RCA cable plays an important role.

TaoneSilica Gel Tattoo Machine RCA Plug Clip Cord

Clip cords with stable voltage operation give precise functioning capability. It has high resistance due to the composition of pure copper lead wire, which is anti-erosive. The cord is fire-proof and works for a long time without heating up.

This silicon wire is soft and contains a high-intensity cable sheath with steel connectors. It is the best RCA cables for tattoo machines due to its quality material, stable performance, and 8-foot length for comfortable handling of rotary machines.

BIGWASP Silicone Soft Tattoo RCA Connector Cords

The mold injection method copper connector RCA cable offers a strong connection while working with the rotary machine. Its right-angled RCA plug and the 2-meter-long soft cable offer super-flexibility for connecting with the tattoo machine.

This cable’s high intensity provides the rotary machine with stable power. Its anti-corrosive properties help in easy maintenance of the cable for an extended period.

HAWINK Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen RCA Connector

The right angles connector of this RCA cord help keeps the wire from breakage due to bending as you use the tattoo machine. It works with both the traditional rotary machines and with the pen machines. It is certified as the spare cord replacement for the tattoo machines.


Tattoo artists always strive to give less pain while etching the best design on their clients. Having the best machines enables you to achieve you artistic goal. The right tools at your disposal gives you a good result.