How to apply a perfect coat of Gelixir Gel to your nails

Gel polish can work magic as it enhances the beauty and attractiveness quotient to a different level altogether. Women are always attractive whether they apply artificial embellishments like nail polish or not. However, an intricate nail manicure makes the woman more enchanting than ever.

Every woman should know the art of applying gel polish to her nails because you cannot depend on the nail salons to do the job in difficult times like the ones we are experiencing during the pandemic.

Here is how you apply a perfect coat of Gelixir gel to your nails. Before discussing the manicure process, here are some precautions that you should take:

The first, dark colors are excellent on your nails, but you should ensure to apply a thin coat before curing it under the UV lamp. Dark colors require higher exposure to UV light. Hence, it makes sense to apply less nail polish. While applying dark nail polish colors, you can brush the remaining polish back into the nail polish bottle.

The second, some women secrete more oil than others. Therefore, if you tend to produce more oil, you should carefully file your nails before you start the manicure. Such women should ensure to clean their nails with a lint-free towel.

The third, when applying gel polish on your nails, it is essential to cap the nail tip with Gelixir before curing under the UV lamp. It ensures that the moisture does not penetrate under the polish.

The Gel Manicure Process

Preparation is critical

Preparing the nails for the manicure is the first step in a gel polish manicure. One should clean the nails thoroughly and ensure they are dry. One should refrain from using hand creams, sunscreen lotions, or other oils to prevent the polish from sticking to the nails.

It is best to use a sterilized nail file to shape the nails. While filing the nails, you should ensure not to cut them too close to the nails and expose the skin.

Cuticles can come in the way of your nail manicure. Hence, it is essential to push the cuticles back into the grooves. When doing so, you should note to use an orange stick to push the cuticles gently. Cutting the cuticles is never advisable.

After shaping the nails, you should use a lint-free cotton wipe to clean the nails.

The Basecoat application

The basecoat application plays a critical role in the nail manicure. It is essential to apply a thin coat. Curing the basecoat layer under a UV lamp for 30 seconds is crucial. Secondly, you should seal the nail edges with a base coat to prevent moisture from penetrating the polish layer.

The Gelixir Gel application

Before applying the gel polish, you should ensure to shake the bottle thoroughly. It helps the polish ingredients to mix well. Once the basecoat dries out, you can proceed with applying the gel polish layer using thin strokes. It prevents the thickening of the polish. Sealing the edges of the nail with gel polish is essential at every step.

Most gel polish colors require a single coat for an even finish. If you need a thicker and darker application, you can have multiple layers. If you go for a soak-off gel polish procedure, you need to cure each layer before applying the next one.

The Topcoat provides the finishing touches

The most significant step in the nail manicure is the topcoat application. It is best to have as thin a coat as possible. The purpose of a topcoat application is to provide the ideal shine to your nails. When applying the topcoat, you should ensure to cover the entire nail with it. If the polish spreads out to the cuticle or skin surrounding the nails, you should remove them carefully using a nail polish remover.

Capping the edges is essential to prevent the nail polish from lifting at the edges. The smallest of gaps is enough for water accumulation that could lead to bacterial infections. Finally, curing the topcoat under the UV/LED lamp is of utmost importance.

Cleansing your nails is necessary for a perfect nail manicure

The final step in the Gelixir gel polish manicure process is to clean your nails with a solution containing 70% isopropyl alcohol after the final curing process under the UV lamp. When doing so, you should use a lint-free cotton wipe. This process removes the tacky residue left by the topcoat application and makes your nails look resplendent.

You can proceed to show off these nails on your social media handles and gain appreciation from your friends and loved ones.

Final Thoughts

A perfect gel manicure can improve your beauty by several notches. Besides, gel manicures last sufficiently long for a minimum of three weeks. The exciting color range available on the market enables you to have a different shade every month, depending on the seasons.