What Is SNS Dipping Powder & How Does It Works?

Most people’s nail goal is to have healthy, fancy looking nails without the application of nail extensions. If you aren’t familiar with SNS dipping powders, necessarily they are easy to apply at home; however, the application can get a little tricky. But its worth the price and effort as the manicure can last for weeks until you are ready to remove them. Also, dip powders are super durable, so you can even add fake tips to your nails, and the dip powder will keep them on.

Key Features

Unlike gel polishes, SNS dipping powders are odorless, non-toxic and do not require any UV lighting to cure or dry the manicure. The finished look can last up to two to four weeks without chipping or cracking. Dip powders are like the best of both worlds- It gives a gel polish type look while making the removal process ten times easier.

The SNS dipping powder is a combination of liquid and powder, which hardens when exposed to air, leaving a long-lasting color on the nail. The liquid contains a unique adhesive known as a cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive, also found in body and eyelash glue.

How Does It Work?

The SNS dipping powder only requires three easy steps- preparation of nails, application of the dip powder, and removal.

Preparation:  It is a vital step to prep the nails for applying the powder. To avoid lifting the manicure, make sure the nails are properly cut, shaped, and buffed to get rid of any excess oil. Push back the cuticle and cut off any hangnail to keep the mani last for a more extended period.

Application: It is advised to work slowly one nail at a time. Apply the bonding agent on the nail surface without flooding the cuticle area. The bond dehydrates the nail and removes any oil that causes lifting. Swipe small, consistent strokes for even application. Next comes the base, which should be applied to the desired thickness, since this will be what the dipping powder adheres to. Pour the powder all over the nail and dust off the excess. Repeat this step 3-4 times for a cleaner,

Removal: Dip manicures can be removed by any salon expert or be done at home. Typically the nail is soaked in acetone or rubbing alcohol and then wrapped in aluminum foil for easy removal. The shiny top layer is gently filed off using an e-file or a hand file.

Tips And Suggestions

Consistency- Shake the closed container lightly to stir up the consistency of the powder. It helps in even distribution of colors, mainly if the powder contains glitter particles in it.

Act Fast: The SNS dipping powder hardens as soon as it is in contact with air. So it is advised to work quickly on one nail at a time. Make sure each of the base layers is thin and well coated, allowing the nail to retain its natural look. If the in-between coats get lumpy, that would be an indication that the base coat has been applied too thick.  Tap the excess powder off for a clean and even appearance.

Grooming: It is necessary to have clean prepped nails before going for a manicure as it not only allows the manicure to stay longer and more durable but also to prevent it from unnatural lifting. Trim your natural nails or extensions down to your preferred size and shape and then use a nail file to smooth the uneven edges.

Moisturizing: After the prepping and grooming process, the fingers tips and the nail beds tend to get dry and brittle. Apply cuticle oil and hand moisturizer to retain the moisture in them. This prevents the acetone or rubbing alcohol from dehydrating the nails.

 Sanitization: Experts have suggested its safer have the powder poured over the nail rather than dipping the nail in the container for sanitary purposes and to avoid contamination. Double-dipping isn’t encouraged, especially if you are working on a client. Otherwise, you or your client would be susceptible to infection.

Practice: The dipping system technique may sound a lot of work, but it hardly takes 20-30 mins to complete the entire process. Keep working on each nail until you achieve the desired look. It may take some time and brush techniques to get used to, but at the end of the end, the finished look is astounding and will last a lot longer than a traditional manicure.

Research: Some dip powders are manufactured with harmful substances like MMD for cost-cutting. Look deep into the ingredient list before purchasing and get yourself a credited manufacturer to avoid such an issue. Its always encouraged to be safe and aware than causing any scarring damage.


SNS dip powder is a great choice for all nail design lovers, have an active lifestyle and want something more durable and less tedious for nails. Just follow the required steps and make sure to remove them every month.