Here Are a Few Reasons Why a Nail Gel Polish Base Coat Feels Sticky and Ways to Rectify the Issue

Gel manicures have their pros and cons. One of the prime advantages of using nail gel polish is its longevity. These manicures comfortably last for two to three weeks. They are available in a range of exciting colors. However, there are a couple of drawbacks. One such disadvantage is the use of the UV/LED lamp for curing/drying the polish layer. Some people are allergic to UV radiation. Besides, prolonged exposure to radiation can cause health issues. The other drawback with modern-day gel manicures is the gel polish base feels sticky, at times. Let us learn how to overcome this problem.

It can be frustrating to do all the hard work and end up with a less-than-satisfying finish to your nail manicure. Before we discuss the issue in detail, here is a short-cut solution to the problem.

It is not a new feeling to find your nails feeling tacky after curing them under the UV lamp. This tackiness is what allows subsequent layers to stick to the nail. On completing the manicure and curing process, you use a non-wipe topcoat or an alcohol wipe to give your nails a smooth and glossy gel finish.

With the short answer out of the way, let us understand the difference between a traditional basecoat and the gel basecoat. It explains why your nail feels sticky until the end of the manicure.

Normal Basecoat Vs. Gel Basecoat

You had simple traditional nail polishes in the olden days without the super-adhering and beautiful glossy modern gel finishes. Thus, basecoats had a different purpose altogether compared to their utility today in the modern age. Here is why the traditional basecoat did not have a tacky feel to it.


The Best Skincare Regimen to Restore the Beauty, Health and Glow of Your Skin

Everyone dreams of the perfectly flawless skin but not everyone gets it. Mostly it happens that different skin types experience a variety of nutrient deficiencies. This makes the skin lacking in any of the various components such as hydration or collagen factors. With time, skin starts losing its glow, softness and flexibility. The skin cells become dull and unattractive. In order to avoid all these things from occurring, you need to keep a check on your skin from an earlier stage. Adopting a good skin care regimen is the best way to get the desired flawless beauty. Here are a few things that can be helpful for you.

Products that will help you in recovering nourishment

Here are a few products that are useful and must be a part of your skincare routine.

First of all, the most important step is to make sure your skin is clean. It should be free from any impurities or trapped dirt. You can use a toner for this purpose. Make sure it is compatible with your skin type. If your skin tends to be more dry, you can use a toner for dry skin. It will not only cleanse out all the unwanted components but also provide hydration to your skin. In this way, you can achieve both cleansing and moisturization in one product.

Second important product to be used is a good moisturiser. Use it almost anytime when you feel your skin is drying out. A well moisturised skin becomes healthier, softer and glowing.

Use good day and night creams. Your day cream must contain SPF components while your night cream must be enriched with nourishing ingredients.


How to apply a perfect coat of Gelixir Gel to your nails

Gel polish can work magic as it enhances the beauty and attractiveness quotient to a different level altogether. Women are always attractive whether they apply artificial embellishments like nail polish or not. However, an intricate nail manicure makes the woman more enchanting than ever.

Every woman should know the art of applying gel polish to her nails because you cannot depend on the nail salons to do the job in difficult times like the ones we are experiencing during the pandemic.

Here is how you apply a perfect coat of Gelixir gel to your nails. Before discussing the manicure process, here are some precautions that you should take:

The first, dark colors are excellent on your nails, but you should ensure to apply a thin coat before curing it under the UV lamp. Dark colors require higher exposure to UV light. Hence, it makes sense to apply less nail polish. While applying dark nail polish colors, you can brush the remaining polish back into the nail polish bottle.

Best Types of Tattoo Machines

Top 6 Best Types of Tattoo Machines for 2021

machines as these devices decide the output of the tattoo. The best tattoo machine brands offer smooth performance, and the rotary machines have a frequency control option giving it more stability resulting in fewer skin lesions.

When you find the right tattoo machine, you can keep your clients happy and safe. Hence check out the machines below for the excellently performing equipment.

Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine

The ultra-lightweight rotary machine’s ergonomic design is comfortable on your hands even if you work for a long time with it. It comes with a clip cord connection. It is one of the best tattoo machine brand offering extremely versatile functionality of the tattoo rotary machine.

This machine can color packing, heavy black filling, light black shading, grey shading, and lining.

ATOMUS Coil Tattoo Machine

The Atomus coil machine works with a speed of 23000 rotations per minute to shade and line the tattoos. Its needle length is 3.5 mm and functions between 6V to 9V. As it is made of zinc alloy, it is durable and lightweight. You can use various types of needles with this machine.

Mast Tour Rotary Pen Machine With Wireless Battery

The small machine with a pen-like grip is travel friendly. It works with a Japanese coreless motor and has a lifetime of 3000 hours. Though it looks compact it can perform several useful operations such as precise line work, dark and light shading, and solid color packing. This pen machine has a grip of 25 mm, which helps the users to hold it firmly.

It hits the skin directly with enough softness that induces less trauma to the skin and packs the design faster with more quality. The stitch frequency is 25 – 160 HZ.

The tattoo machine’s performance depends on the power supply as its functions of shading or lining depending on the voltage supplied. The cable must be capable of providing apt power as desired for precise output. Hence a quality RCA cable plays an important role.


What Is SNS Dipping Powder & How Does It Works?

Most people’s nail goal is to have healthy, fancy looking nails without the application of nail extensions. If you aren’t familiar with SNS dipping powders, necessarily they are easy to apply at home; however, the application can get a little tricky. But its worth the price and effort as the manicure can last for weeks until you are ready to remove them. Also, dip powders are super durable, so you can even add fake tips to your nails, and the dip powder will keep them on.

Key Features

Unlike gel polishes, SNS dipping powders are odorless, non-toxic and do not require any UV lighting to cure or dry the manicure. The finished look can last up to two to four weeks without chipping or cracking. Dip powders are like the best of both worlds- It gives a gel polish type look while making the removal process ten times easier.

The SNS dipping powder is a combination of liquid and powder, which hardens when exposed to air, leaving a long-lasting color on the nail. The liquid contains a unique adhesive known as a cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive, also found in body and eyelash glue.


How to Get Rid of Blackheads ASAP

Are you curious if you can get rid of blackheads overnight?

One quick way is to squeeze out your pores. Unfortunately, that’s a bad idea.

We’ve all tried it, and it seems to work, sort of.

But it leaves the skin irritated and damages it on a microscopic level.

It could even lead to more blemishes.

A safer method is to use pore strips.

But even that might be too aggressive for sensitive skin.

So, what can you do to get rid of blackheads as quickly as possible?

Short of visiting a dermatologist, there are a few things you can do at home.

Let’s start with how you wash your face.

Eliminate blackheads gradually with the right face wash

Blackheads are open pores stuffed with oil, dead skin, and bacteria (1).

It’s oxidized pigment that makes them look dark. They aren’t necessarily dirty.

All you need are the right ingredients to unclog the openings.

Many of the best face washes for blackheads contain salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid exfoliates the dead skin and dissolves the oil.


Wholesale Nail Supplies

Whether you would just like to get nail products for personal use or for a salon that you are managing, getting your nail supplies at a discounted or bulk price is always a great deal. Fortunately, there are several suppliers that offer wholesale nail supplies.

When buying wholesale nail polish, for instance, you get a pack of the best shades that you pay for a better price than buying the colors individually. It may be difficult to convince someone who might have a set of color preference. However, whenever you would find varieties of supplies that come in a package that is offered for wholesale, there is still a great chance that anyone may be convinced to change her mind.

There are many wholesale markets that offer a variety of options, including holiday deals, gifts, new arrivals, Sunday Special, free with purchase, special item deal and so much more. Distributors of these nail supplies make sure that their inventory is well-maintained and those products, whether for a discount or sold at regular prices, all provide the same benefits. So make sure to keep the quality the same for these products. And that is one of the reasons why many customers go crazy over those collections that these wholesalers offer. Who wouldn’t want beauty and glamour on a budget? It will be quite difficult to say no to that, especially if you are a budget conscious customer.